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Barked: Fri Mar 18, '11 9:26am PST 
In WV a woman left her 3 dogs and Rabbit locked inside her home for 3 weeks without food or water. One of the dogs and rabbit died from starvation. Animal Control was unable to slip food in so the police department got a search warrant and found the animals.

The police said they might charge her with a misdemeanor if she's found.

My statement on and I hope its published...

Stories like this makes me sad because the animals depend on us for water, nourishment and love. To be left inside a home without food or water is cruel.
In Ohio we are trying to get an anti-abuse law passed called Nitro's Law. This law would make it a felony (5th degree) for those who abuse or neglect companion animals. Ohio is ranked 46 in the United States, 50 being the worst, for failing to protect dogs & cats. Its now HB 108. We still have a long way to go but its a start.
I'm assuming by the statement the individual might be charged with a misdemeanor, WV has crappy laws also?
If you feel the laws don't protect companion animals, stand up to your law makers.