Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 8:52am PST 
Hello everyone just wanted to introduce myself and my wonderfull bullmastiff (ria), my name is shaunagh and were from reading england. Hope to speak to you all at some point and i'll be happy to help with any questions regarding the bullmastiff as long as my knowledge allows me tobig grin

Play all day,- Snore all night!
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 11:11am PST 
Hey! i'm also new to the group and new to the forums. my little one's name is MAGNUS. I hope to meet many new friends and I have loads of questions.

Barked: Fri Mar 18, '11 7:03am PST 
Also new to group and forum, nice to meet you all. 4 month old called bacchus here, we live in Costa Rica, but from Bradfield UK, about 20 mins from Reading!! Small world