new puppy problems (biting, growling, etc)


Ajax the Great!
Barked: Wed Mar 2, '11 6:56am PST 
Ajax will be 8 weeks this Friday and he has his first set of shots scheduled for that day.
We've been doing puppy pads until then because he cannot go outside just yet (we live in apts and there are dogs EVERYWHERE)
I have tried teaching him to go on the pads and I montitor his food and water intake and put him on the pad right after meals, and for the most part he'll go on it when I tell him to (he trys to play with me instead of go, but I can't blame him for that!)
I have another dog who is a 3 yr old female chihuahua and they play around all day and while they are playing he will just squat and pee, even after I have put him on the pad and know he doesn't need to go!
Is it just defiance, and how do I stop it?

Also he has a biting and mouthing issue bad. I try to replace my hand with a toy and grab his lower jaw and say "no bite" then ignore him, but that doesn't seem to be working. My husband never wants to get onto him, he just says no bite then continues to play with Ajax. I keep telling him he's got to reinforce that command. He also will be playing with Lexie (our chi)and I will see him about to pee so I will pick him up and will will snarl at me. I've heard to grab him and roll him on his back in a submissive position, but I've also heard that it is cruel and could cause problems later?!? I don't know what to do! He's also been humping his toys and Lexie already! At 8 weeks... isn't that early?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 7:40am PST 
hmm =/ my pin also have quite similiar problem when its around 3 months +? I can't control her now a days.=/ The more i scold her with ' no bite' she yell at me and run.Is there any solution too?>

The dog who- thinks she's- human.
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Hi! I know this might be a little late but we got our minpin Abby when she was about a year old, and not trained at all, and this might be long sorry! When he makes an accident (the solid type) show him, and then tell him no poopie (or whatever term you use), then move the poop over to the pads and give him encouraging words like poopie here, good boy (point to spot). You could also pretend your using the bathroom on the pad or have your chi use the bathroom there. Remember to always praise him if he does it right. I would recommend always praise words and petting. I'm not sure if your aware but if you want to teach your minpin something, occasionally do it with treats, because they're a very glutinous breed.

Although you shouldn't use negative language, minpin are stubborn, they were not meant to be toy togs, they are terriers. If you let them get away with their HUGE attitude, they can turn into VERY stubborn, spoiled, and bratty pets with listening problems INCLUDING biting. Hence, enforcing a rule is fine to a limit, don't abuse or scare the poor dog to death of course. We'd always make her know it was NOT ok what so ever to go potty in the house, but if she REALLY has to go and we aren't listen she goes in the bathroom next to the toilet or in the shower. There were no exceptions during training however.
Always use a stern voice, and I know it might be mean but pretend as if your about to "scold" or hit him. You can get a newspaper, and simply kind of "pop" him as if you would playfully with a toy. It really doesn't do bad, my 8 year old is completely mannered, walks without a leash, listens completely, and cuddles like crazy. Like I said DO NOT BEAT your dog, just get a newspaper/magazine, pretend like it's a big swipe, but then just gently touch him, actually you don't even have to, just pretend to.
For biting I'd recommend a stern no, give him The Threatening Look, which shows you are the dominant one. however the biting is puppy behavior they were created to catch rats in farms, hence the name pinscher (pinch). If it is still occuring you can just make him look at you, and tap his nose kind of like tapping your finger on a table or bed. I agree with the submissive position, although I didn't have many problems with biting. But don't be afraid to tell a Minpin bad boy/girl, they need reinforcement, or else you have a hell of a future based on other minpin stories. Like I said as long as it is discipline and not abuse, your Ajax should be fine in the future. If you wouldn't do it to a toddler/4-6 year old, then don't do it to your, animal child.
Love, food, your bed, and discipline is all a Minpin needs. Oh and be PATIENT, you can teach a minpin ANYTHING you want, just patience, love, and occasional treats to get the right idea, any questions I promise I'll answer shorter! wishes