New dog in town


Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 1:28pm PST 
Hi Everypuppy!

Brucie Wucie
Barked: Thu Feb 24, '11 12:28pm PST 
ello im new here too,xxx
nice t meet you,xxx

Barked: Tue Mar 15, '11 6:47am PST 
Hi im new to wave

Puddle- Okelani- Bottger

Ferocious Puddle
Barked: Fri Apr 22, '11 11:46am PST 
Hi - I'm new too! I love my JRT and want to learn as much as I can about them. I've been reading about them online but would also like to hear from other JRT people and their experiences.

Puddle and I are happy to be here!