problem with tote bag


Barked: Tue Feb 15, '11 2:13pm PST 
Tuck is doing a commercial for homeland security/red cross. In the wake of hurricane Katrina, it became painfully obvious to the government that some people choose to die rather than leave pets during an evacuation. So they have been working on evacuation readiness. In this response, Tuck has been asked to do a commercial . His role it to fill his tote bag with items on the red cross check list. sts/PetSafety.pdf
then when the family does a readiness drill, the family grabs their emergency readiness kits and plans, and call Tuck, who comes running with his tote bag.
Problem is.. His tote bag has long handles. The sides collapse in on themselves as he fills it. When he has finished filling it, as he goes to pick up the tote bag, he does not have ground clearance for the bag itself. He walks/trips on the bag. So in response to this, he turns the tote bag over, spilling the contents on the ground.

I assume the issue is the tote bag design itself. So I tried gym bags. They are too soft, and he can only mange to get his checklist items on top of the cloth sides. He has clearance with a small gym back, but it doesnt have the desired stiffness. in working with the tote, he still wants to turn the gym bag over, and pick it up from the bottom, dumping the contents.

Any ideas?