reactivity to dogs


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Barked: Mon Feb 14, '11 12:18am PST 
BonBon came to me poorly socialized. She has leash reactivity and she is also fearful of big dogs. Every time we pass by dogs on a trail we walk at she will lunge and bark like crazy. I am working on basic obedience with her and I do some training on our walks too.

*Do you have any impulse games I could play with her? She lacks self control and I think thats mainly her problem.

*How do I socialize her with other dogs once she stops reacting on walks? I let her off-leash at this off-leash area and she will tease other small dogs and try to play with them sometimes.
Bringing her to a dog park would be too much for her and I don't have any friends that could help me with one on one playdates first.

I'm going to dog parks on weekdays to re-socialize Arrgee and I hope I will find someone to help me. I'm trying meetups and craigslist but I can never find anyone. I'm hoping I might get lucky and maybe find someone on dogster..if you live nearby me maybe you could help me? confusedsmile

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Barked: Wed Feb 16, '11 1:38pm PST 
I would suggest 2 books, first, for the reactivity, Ali Brown's Scaredy Dog. Second, for the impulse control, Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed.