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Barked: Sun Feb 13, '11 5:53pm PST 
I'm thinking about talking to my psychiatrist about having a service dog for my anxiety disorder and my dog Miley is a real good dog for me (I think). She keeps me from having panic attacks when at home and when I take her out with me (which is saying something, since I'm prone to panic attacks.) If I start to have a panic attack she will stand at my side and start licking my hand to help me with whatever situation I'm dealing with. I would like to know if there is anyone who could help me in figuring out how I would go about certifying Miley as a service animal for psychiatric needs. That way I can have her with me at all times and not have to worry about having Xanax with me at all times. When I have had her with me I didn't need the medicine (which my doctor would like to see me able to get off of due to the adictive factor of the medicine.) Any help would be appreciated greatly.