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Teddy, CGC

Little- Teddy- Weddy
Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 3:10pm PST 
wave I have had such a fantastic time as a fan and loved seeing everyone's pictures, you all are such wonderful photographers, and Im always excited to see the Judges and their challenges, you have done an amazing job!! applausehailapplause

hug Chuppy cry hug
Darby- MacKenzie

Yes, I'm a- princess!!!
Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 8:26pm PST 
We learned a lot but felt lost now and then when pups started talking about RAW and we realized it wasn't the RAW diet...bol bol bol!

As a couple that got through a week or two when it was hard to decide, we don't have a problem with it taking a while to complete all the challenges...and many apologies for flaking out on this last one. We read all the info and then *zip* out of Mommy's head it went.

We were honored to get as far as we did and to share the "spotlight" with some really really really good photos!!
Momma's- Girls

Little Monsters
Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 8:47pm PST 
hug Chuppy's bird hug

applause Great job judges! I loved how everyone, including fans, got comments and that you gave all the comments first and then did the reveal, it made it always positive to hear the feeback. GREAT idea and change to the first one.
It would be super neat to see some kitties in the contest! big grin We dont have any other pets except fish but we would love to see some other species in DDP3!
I also agree with the more definied and shorter time frame for future contests and I also agree that this time it seemed that the more advanced camera owners had an advantage where as last DDP it wasn't as important. Either way I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and got to spend time with my pups and friends on here. I prefered the challenges that could bemore natural and not have to use a lot of props, I also didn't love the State challenge as we dont live in the US wink But I thought it was neat to see the pups pictures afterwards. For chellenges sometimes they really were challenging and thanks judges for thinking up all that stuff to keep our braisn working, I had a lot of fun and took A LOT of photos! laugh out loud My favorite challenges are ones where you can be more creative and free. I wish I had more time at the end of this contest to participate more, sorry about that and congrats to everyone who played!! We all have beautiful pups!

Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 9:39pm PST 
we're sorry you both missed the final challenges. I guess we should have sent out reminders. red face

Poodle Girl
Barked: Mon Feb 21, '11 5:40am PST 
Nora and I enjoyed this group very much. We have no complaints. Sorry we were too busy to do the last challenge. Thanks for having this group and thanks for being judges.
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