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Genuine Muttador
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 10:27pm PST 
I am posting this early because I wont be here tomorrow to post it.

Read over the whole post because you must follow the instructions. There is no room to miss any details. This is the final challenge and it will determine who is the DDP winners this season.

We will be giving you 2 weeks to complete your challenge. The entry date for your photos has been change. You must submit your photos on Saturday, February, 19th. Reveal will be on Sunday at 5:00pm followed by awards. Please consider attending the final reveal.

We are giving you a choice of 4 challenges. You must pick only 2 of these challenges. Remember, this is the last challenge so choose wisely and give it everything you've got.

Now to the 4 challenges.

Use light to capture one or more shadows

Love and Hate:
Two photos side by side. One representing what you love the other what you hate.

Out of Balance:
Balance is an important element of photography. Create a photo which is out of balance, but still effective.

Things That Count:
Show us how much your pet means to you.
"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

So as a reminder, don't post photos until Saturday, February, 19th. Reveal/Awards will be Sunday, February, 20th. You can only pick two challenges.

Please specify which challenges you decided on when posting your photos.

Good luck everyone. Have fun.

If you have questions, post them or contact a judge.
Darby- MacKenzie

Yes, I'm a- princess!!!
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 5:52pm PST we submit two photos? Just checking!
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 5:52pm PST 
bump dance!happy dance

Champ- (2002-2015)

Golden Fur,- Golden Heart
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 5:55pm PST 
I have a few questions.

What is an out of balance photo? thinking I am a little unsure of what that is, and how we can make a photo unbalanced.

For the Love/Hate one, are we taking photos of what the dogs love and hate? (for example- love fetch)?

They Always Fall- for the Baby- Blues
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 5:59pm PST 
Same question as Champ on the out of balance photo (example would be nice). Otherwise I have a feeling their will be quite a few love hate photos.

Our Golden- Miracle with- Paws
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 6:00pm PST 
I have similar questions way to go

Genuine Muttador
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 6:28pm PST 
I am glad I brought my laptop to work today. and I am glad there is free WiFi. laugh out loud So while I am on my break I will try to help. If you post and don't hear back then my break is over and I will get back to anyone when I get home.

Yes, you will submit 2 photos. If you choose Love/Hate then that will be a storyboard/collage type photo and it counts as one photo even though there are two. You have to pick two different challenges.

Out of balance would be having the subject in one part of the photo and emptiness on the other side.

Here are examples of Out of Balance that I found.


Example 2

Example 3

For Love/Hate, yes, it's what the dog loves and hates. Like balls and mailmen. laugh out loud
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Mon Feb 7, '11 6:30pm PST 
using the rules of thirds is another way to call the Out of Balance challenge.
Champ- (2002-2015)

Golden Fur,- Golden Heart
Barked: Mon Feb 14, '11 3:34pm PST 
Now rule of thirds I am familiar with. big grin Are there any rules regarding what can be in the background for out of balance? Does the background need to be very plain(like a wall) to be considered "emptiness" or does anything work as long as the dog is placed at the sides of the frame? (for example- if the dog is on the left of the frame, but the background had scenery like trees, etc)

Genuine Muttador
Barked: Mon Feb 14, '11 5:03pm PST 
It doesn't have to be a plain background.
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