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I love my- mommy!!
Barked: Sat Feb 5, '11 7:08pm PST 
This is the first post to this newly added group. You can talk about anything you want about freestyle information.

Sheep? or- People?
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 8:16am PST 
If you know anybody that trains for freestyle and tricks, plezz add them!!

we will dance in- the ring without- words
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 8:21am PST 
I am working on putting together a freestyle class. Let me also suggest that Dogster Risa is an excellent resource as she has trialed and titled in Freestyle already and is familiar with the venues.


I love my- mommy!!
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 9:04am PST 
Where i'm located, they have only one freestyle workshop, but its only a day to go, so I've been attempting to put together my own routine

And i'll try to find Dogster Risa

Sheep? or- People?
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 10:03am PST 
All new members paweazee give a brief explanation about yourself.

I'm Angel and I'm training in agility! Im attempting to try out freestyle, but I'm not as good as my sis Fly
River Dancer

Born to Wiggle
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 10:41am PST 
I don't currently participate in anydog sports but my mom is really interested in doing something like this with me and thought this group could be a good place to start and get some good information.
blue dog

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 11:41am PST 
wave I train and compete in agility. I am also a member of the Dog Scouts of America. My pal Charlie (not a dogster member) and I are hoping to earn our freestyle badges this summer. I know all of the required elements pretty well, but I have no idea how to put together a routine. There are no freestyle classes/competitions in the state. We've decided to work together with a freestyle book as a reference in order to accomplish our goal.
Sugar Kisses- CD, BN, RE,- CGC

Outta my way, or- I\'ll jump over- you!!
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 1:09pm PST 
wave Hi! My name is Sugar. I am 5 years old. I assist my human mom teaching doggies the basic obedience, sit, down, stay, wait, come when called, etc. I compete in Rally-O and I'm starting Obedience. I love to learn new tricks. Human mom has became interested in Dock Diving for my one of my little brothers. We think Freestyle would be cool to.

I love my- mommy!!
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 3:13pm PST 
Welcome everyone, my name is Fly and I plan on soon participating in Freestyle competitions. Mom's just having trouble finding the right song. I also compete in Rally-O, and love to play fetch. wave
The Lovely- Miss- Silvia(AKC)

My tail's worse- than my bark OR- my bite!
Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 11:23pm PST 
HI!wave I don't really do Freestyle, but I know a couple of moves! Like I can weave between Mom's legs and sometimes I can walk backwards(But not often)! I'm mostly an agility dog! But I still like to do the few freestyle tricks I know! smile Thanks fur inviting me to this group! smile
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