Nosiest dog in- the world!
Barked: Thu Jan 27, '11 5:44am PST 

Benny and I have just joined Dogster. He is a purebred Golden Schipperke, and Gold is a permitted colour in Europe. I know the American standard only accepts black Schipperkes. I just wanted to say that in case of confusion.

He is an absolute delight - gentle and friendly with just the right amount of mischief.laugh out loud

Barked: Mon Jun 13, '11 10:18pm PST 
I am a chocolate Schipperke(complete with curly tail) smile I am not sure what the standards are for the groups. The breeder I came from breeds chocolates, black and cream schipperke's. My new parents are first time owners of my breed and just getting used to my antics.