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Hello everyone
I raise AKC Boston terriers, I have 5 named Popeye, Olive Oyl, Buffy, Mulan and Roo. I also care for my brothers two dogs a redbone coonhoud Duke and a beagle Bubba. I have two cats a bobtail kitten Sherlock and a metally challenged cat Foggy. I also have an American Quarter Horse named Smoke. I am a professional artist I am offering a really wonderfully deal foR anyone who loves animals!) Nice to meet everyone

I am a animal lover and artist looking to do some custom pet portraits for my art portfolio. I am willing to do custom pet portraits in acrylic , charcoal, or pencil for FREE! All I ask is that you pay for the supplies and shipping! Willing to do any animal of your choice from your photgraphs. Very quick turn around time you can have your portrait with 1-2 weeks. Available:
ACEO cards 2.5 X 3" in any of the above mediums
pencil or charcoal drawings 2.5 X 3 8X10"
acrylic paintings on stretched canvas 8"X10" or 11"X 14"

If anyone is interested in helping me out and getting a custom portrait usually running for over $100 feel free to e-mail me at Examples of my work available

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We wish we could help you out, but our step mom does the same thing and we have had portraits of the girls done and don't want to hurt her feelings. We would love to see some of your samples though. We can pass on the info to other friends.