Just got my diagnosis

Georgia's- Summer- Breeze

Barked: Wed Dec 22, '10 1:57pm PST 
Hello, I just returned from the vet a few minutes ago, with a diagnosis of IMHA. I was not at all surprised after I saw the blood results last night. We changed vets because the one who did the original tests, did not seem too concerned. But after reading the test results, I was pretty sure this is what we were dealing with.
So, she took her first prednisone pill a couple of minutes ago. My heart hurts. Like all of you, my dog is my heart. I am so glad that this group is here so we can deal with this.
Thank you!
Dear Jessie

Stupid- Hurricane! Not- going out again!
Barked: Mon Feb 20, '12 10:45am PST 
I have not been on Dogster for a while, how did your poochie make out?