Ahhh... what to pull today....


You want me to- pull WHAT?
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 12:47am PST 
There are many ways of moving a load, and knowing what you have to do dictates the mode of transport you will use.
Dead drag, to drag a load without runners or rollers. commonly used for dragging a tarp full of leaves to the curb, or dragging logs, or rocks. dead drags require a low point of pull.
Travois, basically a A frame made of logs where the bottom legs are dragged, and the top point is elevated on the back of the puller. A skin or fabric is often stretched in the middle, and used like a wheelbarrow.
Carts, a 2 wheeled option where often a box is mounted on wheels. These are very maneuverable and capable, but need to be loaded evenly, front to back. Too much weight in the front, and the dog is carrying it, too much in the back, pulls the harness up, as is uncomfortable for the dog. Carts require a medium point of pull.
Wagons, A 4 wheeled cart where the front tires turn with the dog, Wagons are very stable, and have a larger capacity, as well as a wider turning radius. Having 4 wheels means your load does not need to be perfectly balanced. This is the best option for you if you want to pull your kids. Wagons require a medium, to high point of pull.
Sleds/sleighs, From your typical dogsled, to your plastic tub sled these are winter fun. Single dogs to large teams can be hitched to a gangline to pull a sled. These require a high point of pull.
So whats best for you and your dog?
If you and your dog like to hike in the woods, or walk down the river walk, a cart is my suggestion, its able to turn tighter, and is generally narrower , allowing your dog to miss that tree by 1 inch, rather than nailing it.
If you want to take the family, take the wagon. Room for the kids, and the picnic basket.
Got work to do? try the wagon, your dog cal haul more, longer, versus the cart.
Which ever you choose, make sure the dog(s) are not over worked, and that they have regular water breaks.