What your dog can do.


You want me to- pull WHAT?
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 12:44am PST 
Any dog cal pull a cart or wagon, size doesn't matter, as long as the cart is the right size for your dog(s). Chariot style carts are becoming popular for the minis and toy breeds. These are small and easily made with a few pieces of wood and a pair of small tires.
A large dog can pull a wagon with a pair of children without much problems. Pair up 2 dogs of relatively same size, and you double the pulling power, thus, bigger cart, and possibly enough power to finally ride in the wagon yourself.
Your dog with a cart becomes a companion that pulls their weight, and then some. Capable carters love taking their dogs on camping trips, or nice long day hikes. they can carry the water, and food for all, freeing you up to only carry day packs.