Michigan State Police officer Bane


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Barked: Wed Nov 24, '10 3:28pm PST 
We need to get some pictures over here if anyone would like to help out .. There are several on the Find Bane page on Facebook.
Here are some facts :
On 11/13/10 I was searching a tag alder swamp with Bane. We were searching for a missing dementia patient that had gone missing back in August.
At around 2pm I gave Bane a rest. We went back to my patrol car, he got some water and about fifteen minutes to cool off.
At 2:15 we went back out searching. After about five minutes he was tangeled up in the tags. (I had him on a 20 ft tracking lead)
I dropped the lead to untangle him. About the time I got him free, a deer that had been bedded and was less than five yards from me jumped up and ran directly in front of Bane.
Bane gave chase. He was out of sight in about a second and I have not seen him since.
I am confident he is not caught up in the woods. The lead is made of nylon. He has eaten them in the past, just for fun. In addition, I had him on the 'dead ring' of the check chain. This means that it is not able to tighten around his neck and he can slip his head out of it. He has done this numerous times in the past so it is not a concern to me.
We have searched a huge area, including using some of our other canine teams, a departmental helicoptor (with thermal imaging) and two fixed wing aircraft.
We have handed out flyers in a thirty mile radius around where he was last seen.
We had two possible sightings of him on 11/15/10 approximately 8 miles south of where I lost him.
I am asking that if anyone responds to search the area, please stay in your cars until after the firearm deer season. It is simply to risky to be in the woods with all of the guns out there.
The news media has been great, but the more publicity we have, the better chance we have of getting him back.
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shock frown Oh, my! We haven't had much time online lately, but tonight I will read about this and do whatever I can to help! I'll start right now, by woofing a pawrayer for Bane! hug

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We want everyone to send him a Pup Pal request.. We are trying to get him as much exposure as we can. So , also if you know of any others who would like to be pals. .. Let them know . Thank you .