How big do you think my male elkhound pup will get?


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Barked: Tue Nov 16, '10 3:51pm PST 
Taz is my first elkhound and he is the BEST dog ever. I really thought he would get bigger though , its seems like the other puppies at the dog park his age are way bigger (no other elkhounds though) and they (elkhounds) look big in pictures, he'll be ten months in a couple days and hes very short but a compacted 56lbs - (hes not over wieght i think he has alot of muscle)...does anyone no if they have a late growth sprut (tall wise) ?
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Barked: Mon Mar 21, '11 10:26am PST 
My elkhound was about 50 pounds.They are not the tallest breed but they are fearless , loving and devoted pups.I just got a female elkie from a pound a little over a week ago.My frist elkhound was 6months old when she came into our house and was about 30 pounds. Your boy is just the size he should be.I never felt so safe has I did with Missy.She was my protector Simon was my lover.Missy when I was hurt never left my side,her love was so complete it could not be matched.My new elkhound has already become attached to me.Now i'm trying to get Katie and Sunny to accept each other.Pray for us we will work it out her size is what Sunny is afriad of.See she a lot bigger than him.So size in in the eye of the beholder.