Nightlight a Twilight parody


Love to sleep- and eat
Barked: Mon Oct 25, '10 7:28am PST 
Hey everybody so my mom was at the store the other day and and found this book its called Nightlight it is a parody and its by The Harvard Lampoon. A basic summery of it is that it is like Twilight but it is a little different some things that are different is:
Forks, Washington is Switchblade, Oregon.
Bella Swan is Belle Goose
Edward Cullen is Edwart Mullen
Those are some of the basic differences. We have only gotten halfway through it, its pretty short compared to Twilight. But it is funny and a little stupid at times. If you guys have already read it what do you think about it?
Also to see the book summery you can go the borders books site and type in nightlight and it should be one of the first books that come up.

cake boy
Barked: Wed Dec 8, '10 12:40pm PST 
Really? I have it, just haven't read it yet. i also own "twilite" which i anotherr funny one(: