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(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 3:04am PST 
post your poetry here.
post what have made your day special.
post that what helped you thru sad times.
post your funny and joyfull poetry....
and feel free to share it with others.way to go
♥- Anna- ♥

More Kisses!
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 5:39am PST 
Man is forced to be alone by the very nature of society. But if you meet a person who is not envious, who loves and believes in other than himself, then to this rare person offer a lifetime of friendship. I offer you my friendship Minister Misty ~ i believe you are this rare person. luv Anna

just an Angel- looking for love
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 4:31pm PST 

Eberyon shud beweeve ine Anjelz,
da mak yu lauf wen yu ar sathd
da tak yur hande an howd ite
wen yu fli two Heben'z land.

Da beweeve eberyon kan hav a mirakul
ine dat speshal poket dat Gode wil hab
ife yu wil ownlee beweeve in Anjelz
da way dat Gode wil sthay.

Anjelz hab mani fwendz
sthum ar bery speshal in dare harts,
bekase dez fwendz beweeve in Anjelz
an protekt dare Anjel fwendz.

Sthou ife yu nowe an Anjel
whethure heer on eurth ore in heben,
cownt yur blwesthinz an hab sthum kake,
I heer dat iz wha dae wike....

little angellittle angel

♥- Sparky- ♥

Barked: Fri Oct 8, '10 5:49pm PST 
Dogs are our teachers.
They are our forever freinds.
They can even act as preachers,
Delivering messages god has to send.
A dog is sent from up above,
And we should show them care and love.cloud 9
✝ Angel- Tosha ✝

Barked: Sat Oct 16, '10 2:56pm PST 
way to goway to goway to gohug