The 'Shih tzu-ation'


Show me the- treats!
Barked: Mon Sep 6, '10 2:09pm PST 
I don't watch the jersey shore tv show, but I laughed so hard to see these shirts, had to get one in honor of my crazy dog
Suie- (Beloved- Angel)

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Barked: Mon Nov 5, '12 10:03pm PST 
Hi there, everyfur! I'm Suie (Beloved Angel). I'm over the Rainbow Bridge and I'm a Shih Tzu. I an Admin and a member of a group called Aussie Petz. It's open for cats and dogs. If anyfur would like to join Aussie Petz, please either paw-mail me or post on this thread. I'll then send you an invite. I think we're going to have a lot of fun on this thread. If nofur minds, I've started my own thread called Hangman. For more Hangman games, you can visit Aussie Petz thread called Hangman: True of False.
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