Hello! Helloo! Hellooooo! Is there anybody out there?


Look Deeeeep- into my eyes!
Barked: Wed Sep 1, '10 9:42pm PST 
Hello again to all my Pagan friends! We have just reinitiated the magicbox called the internet! Decided to stop in and see who's here. wave What's new and how are you this fine and fabulous 1st of September. Autumn is almost here, my favourite time of year! Though where I live it still feels like the dog days of summer. I knew I didn't like them drooling dogs.
Tia- Esmerelda- Seraphine

That Old Black- Magic has me in- its spell
Barked: Thu Oct 14, '10 8:59pm PST 
ok, well I haven't seen anyone around here lately. I hope everyone is well. We'll stop in some other time and see if people are visiting again.