One Year Ago today, I crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge

Sunshine- (1994-2009)

I loved to take- walks..
Barked: Mon Aug 30, '10 10:05pm PST 
cloud 9 One year ago today, my momma and poppy had to put me to sleep because I couldn't walk, I couldn't stand long and I was losing alot of weight. I still had my thought processes, but I just couldn't stand at my food and water bowls long enough to eat and drink. My momma had to bring me my food & water to where I was laying down When I did stand, it was for maybe no longer than a minute before I had to be helped back up.
I know it hurt my momma to see me in such pain. I had a little look of pain in my eyes as if I were saying, can you help me? I know they were doing all they can to ease my suffering. My momma is crying just a little bit today because she misses me so much. I know my momma thinks about me every day and this day is especially hard for her. I know she knows that I am looking down on her and she knows that I am no longer in pain, that I am playing, always having clean water and food. She knows that I am no longer suffering. I know she misses me and loves me. I am happy that I am not suffering and I am also happy that Precious has a companion, although not as good as a companion as I was. Even though Precious and I were different breeds and came to each other about two years apart, it was like Precious and I were related.

I love you Momma and I know you love me. hug