Born-again agility Corgi


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Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 8:14pm PST 
My Pem Corgi, Taylor is now 7 but has been out of agility here in New Zealand for three years waiting for a change in the NZ rules. The new rules came into being on July 1 and now we have done two training sessions and one comp. Taylor has forgotten precious little and is able to re-train me. Yesterday (Sat) we compoeted in three events and only two rails were knocked down so we had a clear round with contacts perfect. Though for the first time ever, Taylor must have wondered if I did call "tunnel" because near the end of the long tunnel he decided to reverse until I further called him through.
The new rules here include a revision of the heights for hurdles,long jump and A-frame, the introduction of the micro level and the ability to have separate competitions for the height levels if there are 15 or more entries per height level (maxi, midi, mini, micro.
It's taken years for all this to happen and its been very frustrating - especially for the small breeds and their handlers. It has hindered the growth here of the sport. Micro is 3.25cm (12.8 inches) or under at the withers which puts Taylor into this category and makes it much fairer.
It is high time that there is one world body for agility and one set of rules/regulations like there is for every other international sport so that if and when NZ and other countries competes overseas and at world champs, everything is the same. Our new rules only 'assist' in getting closer to what is experienced at world champs and in Australia -which is one country NZ could be competing against in regular international comp and in many ways, NZ is ahead of Australia in agility knowledge and know-how. There are perhaps 3000 dogs involved in agility in NZ.