14 weeks boxer puppy with a cough mainly happens at night


Barked: Mon Aug 23, '10 8:12am PST 
I got Dukes fairly young (7 weeks), he is now coming up to 14 weeks. He's full of energy all the time, very active and lively. He went to the vet two Saturdays ago for his second shots and I spoke to the vet about this dry hacking cough he gets at night time (mainly), he sounds like he's going to bring something up, but nothing ever comes. Its actually really scary. The vet stated it could be the toys that we have for him that are rope so to take them away and monitor him from there, cause otherwise he looks extremely healthy and does not have worms (as we did the test that day) and also dewormed him again. So when we got home we took the rope toys away from him and waited to see. Still there was a cough around bedtime. Dukes did have contact prior to the vet visit with a friend's 7 month pup that was supposedly recovered from Kennel cough (which I know he shouldn't have because he's not fully vaccinated). So I'm thinking its kennel cough, yet Dukes does not have a running nose, he has a great appetite and still full of energy. This really got to me when I had the thought it might be kennel cough so I called my vet and brought him back in Saturday that just passed and the vet heard the cough and stated that it sounds like kennel cough but his temp was normal. We started him on meds on Saturday and are to monitor it for 4 days to see if the cough calms down, if not we're to bring him in to do a xray. I'm terrified now because Dukes was perfect up to 2 weeks ago and the expense is getting pretty high and for vets it seems like a lot of ruling this out and playing the elimination game. If anyone has any similar cases please advise because I'm getting absolutely nervous here and can not get it off my mind. I can't even work I'm always worried. No one wants to hear that their pup may have a heart defect (that's why the vet wants the xray if the meds don't work). Please let me know anything!! Thank you.
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Sweety, come on over to Boxer Town. We have an infirmary there where we discuss pup's health issues.

I'll send you an invite.