Me And My Mom Need To Find A New Rental Home By Sept. 1st, 2010.

Benson (In- Loving- Memory)

That Was A- G-O-O-D Dinner,- Mom!
Barked: Thu Aug 5, '10 12:29pm PST 
This is my Mom's message for Toronto Dogs United:

Hi Folks, hope all's well with everyone!
I'm looking for a truly dog-friendly apartment to rent, as I have a 12 yr. old 100 lb. Labrador, Ben, and I need to foster or adopt a Siberian Husky sibling for him to make his golden years the best they can be (he so badly misses his Sibe brother, who we lost to spleen cancer).

I thought that, by posting HERE instead of on the usual rental property sites, my message would be seen by dog people who understand other dog people! Please see the bottom of this post for what Ben and I need to find by Sept. 1st.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Take care,

SharW99 and Ben

NEEDED BY SEPT. 1st, 2010:

(**Most Important, *Would Be Great/Negotiable)

**South-Western Scarborough, or
*East York, or
*South-Eastern North York.
**We Need To Move In By Sept. 1st.
**MAX. RENT $700(-ish), Inclusive
**Dog Friendly (My Large 12 yr. old Labrador is Clean, Friendly, Neutered, Well-Behaved, and He's Also The Only Family Member I Have Left In The World).
**Separate Entrance/Privacy.
**Direct Access To A Yard/Minimal Stairs Would Be Best.
*Utilities Included (Negotiable....?).
*Laundry On-Site (or at least very close by).

(NB: The fewer stairs, the better, but if an otherwise excellent place came up, I could get a doggie-sling or a ramp to help Ben with the stairs or find some way to work around a long staircase.)

It would be best for us to avoid apt. buildings since, even if there are elevators, the elevators can break down more often than one might think, and then I'd have to carry my 100-lb. Lab up and down however-many flights of stairs. Also, apt. bldgs. rarely have units from which you can access the outdoors directly, which is important for an elderly dog who was raised in a house, plus it'd be good to have the fewest possible neighbours directly attached to our walls in any case.

Please advise of any information that would be of help to us. Thank you for any assistance anyone may be able to provide!