2010 Show Resutls


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Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 10:27am PST 
Share your show results for 2010 here!

Haven't done county (and possibly state) yet but we did an invitational...

Blue in showmanship, Red and score of 145/200 in Obedience, red and a score of 75/100 in rally, red and a whopping 43 faluts in agility!
Agility was so horrible cuz she kept refusing the chute (last obstacle) because the steward tried to re-straighten it with her in it during warm up...don't know what she was thinking but it scared the $!@#$ out of mya...although she's good with it now but then she was NOT going to do it. This pushed us over 30 seconds over time for a simple u shaped 75 second on-leash course...ugh so hopefully the county will go better!

How about everyone else?