Seperation Anxiety


Barked: Tue Jul 20, '10 3:39am PST 
Hi guys! I'm new here. I don't know if this is the correct group for me to join, but I'd figure I'd give it a shot anyways. My pup is a Siberian Husky mixed with Saluki. We just adopted him from our local SPCA. He's 11 months old.I'm just asking for some info about separation anxiety. He shows a lot of signs of it. His first day home alone he did great, but a few days later when he needed to be home alone, he went to the bathroom in the house & he jumped out of my living room window. Thank God my mom lives right down the street & was sitting outside & saw him & got him for us!
Well anyways, since then we have been putting him in a crate down in the basement. He's not left home everyday by himself. Maybe once a week he's left home & that's about for only 2 hours the most!
Just the other day I had put him in his crate because I had to run some errands doing the day, & well he got outta his crate downstairs in the basement. He didn't get out or anything, but I'm still thinking he has severe anxiety issues!
I feel so bad for him when I leave. He gives me no problems going downstairs into his crate, it's just that he is totally destructive!!
He seems to be really attached to me & I'm thinking that because his previous owners were all female.
When we are at home he MUST be in the same room I'm in at all times! I don't mind at all, but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the anxiety?
Please, any info or suggestions about what I could or should do would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!confused