Hi everykitty!


Barked: Mon Jul 19, '10 7:55pm PST 
My name is Twisp. I'm kinda shy, but when I saw the pictures of all the kitties that looked just like me, I thought I'd join in to see what the fun's all about!

My momma had never even heard of a flame-point siamese until my foster lady told her that's what I was. Momma just said I was "beautiful" and "striking" with my bright blue eyes. red face

Well, anyway. I just wanted to say hello and see if anyone wants to talk about their cats.


Jack-Jack... the- flaming baby!!
Barked: Mon Sep 13, '10 1:04pm PST 
hi! I'm Jack-Jack. My mommy and daddy picked me cause I showed the most affection when they came to the shelter. I have bright blue eyes too. Except they have lil brown squiggles in them.