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Tucker Max- Small Paws

Tucker Max- Protection- Agency-Pres.
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 6:00pm PST 
Wow I guess I don't know how to convert time!!!! Well, since they are already off on their honeymoons I will wish them all the best!
A happy life and future for Max and Diamond Lil!!!applause
Cuki- Snikklefritz- III

Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 6:14pm PST 
I missed evfurthing too Tuckeroo. A big powerful storm rolled in and we had to shut down the pooter through the part of the festivities we mighta been able to attend.

Bree is most upset about missing her time with Charley.

Stanley was sorta hoping and wishing fur a dance with Roxie.
Maddie Mae

Velcro Maddie- Mae ! ! !
Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 6:18pm PST 
Happy Happy Wedding!!! Can't wait to see the honeymoon photos!

Wuv to you both . . . cloud 9
Maddie Mae


Alex CGC,- TD

I`m cute and I- know it
Barked: Mon Jul 19, '10 7:26am PST 
Sorry I missed you guys big day my peeps went away for the weekend and didn`t make it back in time for the wedding . Diamond Lil you looked beautiful and Max boy you looked handsome. what a great looking couple you guys make . I know you will have a wonderful future together. Congrats and again sorry I missed your big day. I am sure it was perfect.

Love and hugs
Nikki and Alex
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