Food brands for Shorkies

George- Clooney

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Barked: Wed Jul 7, '10 9:36pm PST 
Hi shorkies! I am wondering what food your shorkies like, especially puppies? I had Acana but didn't like it. Wouldn't touch Orijen for puppies. Like Now! Grain Free ... but it' not rated that high?

Chewing the day- away.
Barked: Wed Jul 11, '12 2:44pm PST 
Fortunately my shorkie is not very picky, but right now he is enjoying Fromm Four-Star Grain Free. I have bags of the beef frittata, salmon tunalini, and game bird. I change it each bag to keep him interested. I want to eventually get him on a good canned or dehydrated food when my money situation is better.