Hi, new here, advice anyone?


an ADD toddler- who loves- anything water
Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 9:54pm PST 
Hi peeps, nice to be here. I have a german shepherd pup, named Freedom, and a german shepherd/lab mix called Sheba. I had no problems training my shepherd mix Sheba but have found Freedom to be a "handful". Both dogs have attended obedience class, mostly for socialization. Freedom is so stubborn! She learns quick, but when my back's turned, she does what shec's taught not to. Examples, chasing my hens, and young turkeys. Going on the road (which happened only once, but once too many) Bugging, or pestering my chihuahua, and she's rough too, causing my chi to yelp and get mad! Any advice. Freedom's like a ADD toddler. I realize she's a baby, only 4 months, but she does "get it". Will she "settle" and be more mindful?confused