Tell your Pug friends! Less than 1 week left!

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Barked: Thu Jun 24, '10 7:02am PST 
Hi everyone,

Be sure to tell your friends about our group. If they join by the end of the month, they will get a coupon for a free bag!
Yoda Moda

Barked: Thu Jun 24, '10 10:30am PST 
Oh we been checking the mail every day for our coupon. we need lots of them hehe

Happy 4 th ofJuly to all !!!!hamster dancehappy dancewave

Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 10:25am PST 
I joined the group and never got the info on the coupon. Can someone help me with that? Thanks!


Momma's Girl
Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 10:30am PST 
I joined an still haven't recieved a coupon.shrug

Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 11:36am PST 
I just joined today, can't wait to try my new food|blue dog
Yoda Moda

Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 11:48am PST 
We got ours it came saturday !!! snoopyway to gohamster dancewave

everybody hold I think you be getting yours soon I bet they got alot of requests

way to gosnoopyhug
Nigel Tufnel

"Look at my- cinnabon"!- (tail)
Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 2:35pm PST 
We got ours Saturday too. Now the hunt to find it is on!

Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 3:49pm PST 
I can't wait to try it for my pugs, I use Royal Canin for my yorkie already smile
Princess- Marley

Mrs. Nicco Bacan- Silvis
Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 4:06pm PST 
I have 2 pugs I started them on Pug 25 three weeks ago they absopuggy love it. Their coats are soft and shiney and they beg for the food now my one year old will even sing when I enter pantry at feed time.
Thank you Royal Canine for giving us a puggy food at last
You can find it at Petco and local feed stores that carry Royal Canine if you dont see any on shelf ask someone and they will order for you.

Mayor of- Puppytown
Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 7:37pm PST 

My dog is a pug/boston terrier (Bugg). Is this food still healthy for him?
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