planet pawllywood food


Live- love woof -
Barked: Tue Jun 8, '10 12:49pm PST 
laugh out loud
planet pawllywood food ORDER ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE~

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Happiness is- having the love- of a dog
Barked: Sun Jun 20, '10 4:45am PST 
I came in looking for food but I don't see any BOL

I Must Have- Attention & My- Way
Barked: Tue Apr 5, '11 8:59am PST 
Anyone have any Greenies?

Baby Girl- Butler

My Precious- Dirly
Barked: Thu Dec 27, '12 11:09pm PST 
happy dancepizza

Barked: Mon Jan 26, '15 10:23am PST 
Champ and I walk in a order our lunch. "I will have a cow ear please with a water"- And champ ordered a Greenie and some milkwave