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New to the Group? Post Here! dog Tell us about yourself, your owner, or both!

I'll start things off. My name is Maggie and my owner is Megan. I am a 6 year old bi-black Sheltie. I am quite big for my breed and most people just call me a Collie. I was passed from home to home all my life before finally living on my own under a house for a month! That was not fun. Now, I am living the good life with my owner and making up for lost time.

I am still very afraid of people but I love meeting other dogs and pawsome animals. Having never had a toy before I'm still not sure what to do with them, so I'm not good at ball or fetch. I do love to snuggle though, and often steal my Mom's pillow!

I would love to get to know all of you, so post away!

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Hi Maggie,
My name is Kiki. I was lucky because when I was just a pup I somehow got out with my brother, we both had parvo and ended up in a shelter. He didn't make it and it made me very sad. I don't remember much about my beginnings, all I know is I was adopted into a home with my new big brother Sammy who loves to rough house with me. I often need to put him in his place, but that's easy enough. Then my mom adopted a dachshund puppy and we bonded tight! Now we are a great big happy family!

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Hi and thank you for inviting me to join. My name is Murph and my owner is Steven. I am a very loving dog, I love everyone, but especially Steven. I want to be as close to him as I can all the time. He kind of spoils me too. I know he loves me cause he takes such good care of me. I do miss him when he must leave me home alone though. I let him know it when he gets back too. I get so excited and just want to keep giving him kisses, but I am wiggling around so much it's hard to connect with them. LOLlaugh out loud


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Hi Kiki!
I’m sorry to hear about your brother, but am so glad you pulled through. It sounds like you really enjoy your new family! That is wonderful! I live in an apartment, so I get to see a lot of different dogs, but none that I really bond with. Mommy promised me she would get me a friend in a year when she moves into a bigger place. smile I’m glad you are part of our online family!

Hi Murph!
I’m like that with my owner Megan too. I just love to snuggle, if only 45 pounds wasn’t too big to be a lap dog! smile That is great that you love to shower Steven with kisses. I’m not big on kisses myself, but I do love to nudge her arm until she pets me. Maybe it was because I was told kisses were a no-no before? I don’t know for sure and Mommy unfortunately doesn’t know a whole lot about my past because I had so many owners. Anyway, I’m glad you are going to be a part of our online family! We can always use some more wiggle-worms!snoopy

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Hi everyone. My name is Vivace. I just arrived with my family 4 months ago and I can say it is a ton better than living were I use to. My mom isn't totally sure what my conditions were because she wasn't able to come and get me herself. But her breeder friend made arrangements to get me for her.(mom lives on Ontario and I was in MI) My old owner didn't want anyone coming to his house for some strange reason (they found out later why) When mom's friend came to get me I was in bad shape, my nails had never been trimmed, I was dirty, had sever kennel cough and was pulled out of a "box" that was way to small for me. That is when they learned my old owner was actually running a puppy mill.(he was mainly breeding other types of hunting dogs,mom thinks we was to going to try his hand at breeding GSP's) He sold me because at 13 months I still hadn't come into heat yet. Man was I lucky that he was stupid and didn't know us GSP don't go into heat until 13-15 months. Just two days later I started my first heat. Talk about a close call. Now I am living the life with three kids, I am starting to be a show dog and looking forward to competing in Dock Diving.

I also have a fur brother named Skippy. He was my mom's foster failure. She isn't totally sure of his past but she thinks he was abused at some point because he tries to bite certain people. That is why mom made the choice to adopt him, because she knew that he really couldn't be adopted because of his biting problems.

Skippy and I also have a fur sister that is looking over us from the Rainbow Bridge. Mom adopted her at 10 years old. She was passed around from person to person most of her life. But mom just had to adopt her and she was blessed to have Maggie for 2 1/2 years. I never got to meet her because she passed away just a few weeks before I came to live here.

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Hi Vivace!

I’m so glad you got out of that place! It sounds awful! I guess your body knew just what to do to get you out of there. I would love to try dock diving sometime, but my Mom says we have to work on basic swimming first. thinking

I have to say thanks to your Mom for having the heart to adopt a dog that might otherwise be unadoptable. Everybody just has to find the right family.

My Mom says I have a sister watching over me too. I never got to meet her either. Apparently my sister’s passing helped my Mom realize she needed another dog in her life. My sister Sophie passed about six months before I met my Mom.

It sounds like you have a great family! I hope you feel at home here with our online communal family. Welcome!