Oh, my ears!


Here comes- trouble!
Barked: Sun May 30, '10 12:35pm PST 
My momma is worried about me. My puppy sister is constantly pulling, tugging, and chewing on my ear. I cry out in pain at times. My momma has pulled my sister away from me, and now she is trying something called bitter apple on my ears. Do you any of you good people have any ideas on how to stop this madness? Thank you!

Woof always,
Rose, and her momma, Christina

Live to love and- love to eat!
Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 3:47am PST 
My two sisters pull on mine all the time. They figure anything that big and swinging has to be a toy! Anyway, I'm big enough now that if it hurts I take a big paw and smack them down and they stop.

The bitter apple should do the trick. Just remember not to chew your own ears. LOL