Almost time to say good-bye

Chloe (In- Loving- Memory)

The sweetest dog- you'll ever- meet!
Barked: Sun May 23, '10 1:41pm PST 
Chloe is very sick and our family is very sad right now. The vet told us last week that she only has about 3 weeks left with us. But she is declining rapidly, so I don't know if we will have even that much time left with her.

She is 14 1/2 now, we had over 12 years with this sweet, beautiful girl. Right now it doesn't feel long enough. I don't know which is easier, when you lose your dog quickly, or when you have time to say good-bye but have to live with knowing your time together is limited...

Barked: Sun May 1, '11 8:35pm PST 
oh... thats really bad.. hows she is now??