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Barked: Mon Apr 26, '10 8:24pm PST 
We hope we can have another rescue for the month of May! Rescues need donations so if you know of one, give us a name, link and description!

We'll go until the end of the week! Yay!snoopy

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Barked: Mon May 24, '10 8:01pm PST 
Well, I guess we are way too late for May, but I wanted to nominate this rescue for June, if possible.

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~Corridor Rescue Inc. is an all-breed, no-kill, 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue organization with primary emphasis on rescuing dogs from the Corridor of Cruelty in Houston, TX. Our goal is to end animal suffering whenever we can.~

What's it all about?
There is an area of Houston, TX just east of I-59 off Little York - apparently the dividing line for the county and city Animal Controls. Its about a mile strip of road that is called the Corridor of Cruelty. Veer off to the left or right along any point and see the same everywhere - abandoned and starving dogs, in pain and suffering. Here, trash and animals are discarded without thought on a regular basis.

For us, its all about making a difference in the Corridor!... (read more)
To aid in the rescue of hard to capture dogs and cats.
To rescue and rehabilitate diseased and injured dogs.
To facilitate the rescue of animals mainly from the Corridor of Cruelty but also from other areas of Houston.
To educate about spay/neuter and animal cruelty laws.
Our contact info is:
Corridor Rescue Inc.
10134 Hammerly Blvd., Box 187
Houston, TX 77080

DONATIONS to help Corridor Rescue dogs can be mailed to address above or made via

THANK YOU and Whoooff!!

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Thanks everyone, TOGETHER, we CAN make a difference!

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