In Honor of Chub-Chub


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Barked: Sat Apr 24, '10 10:36am PST 
Hello fellow doggies. I would like to say that Chub-Chub has not left Earth. She is very much alive. But we would like to honor the life that she had spent with Mama and me, her sister Dolce. We, as a family, had accepted her presence. We can finally accept her absence.

Those of you that care to stay and honor such a loving, caring, and wonderful dog, please. We invite you to stay. But those that have other things, on your mind, feel no pressure to take your own absence. I would like to thank those who got me this far, and I would like to say sorry to who ever seemed to have gotten their hopes up too high for Mama and I to do this.

We hope not to have let you down, but to let you know that we are through. We have not given up, but let such a dog as Chub-Chub, finally be settled. We have let her go, and we are proud of ourselves to have this much courage. It is hard to let something go that means so much to you, but that's okay.

Because only time can ease pain. And these last 4 months have done it. I am glad that you took the time to join and support Mama and I, but we are now only here to honor and remember Chub-Chub.

Please, remember that we miss her. We didn't want to let her leave us for good, but we had too. To fight for a dog that stopped caring a long time ago, we are sad to see her go, but happy to see her, well.... happy.

We give you all hugs and love,
Dolce and Mamacry

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Barked: Mon Jan 2, '17 7:07am PST 
Hugs. From dieta and crew