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I'm a good boy!
Barked: Tue Apr 13, '10 8:16pm PST 
She has a baggie crammed full of the Gimborn dried liver treats Nala cloud 9

Guido, are you coming to the picnic? I thought you mentioned you were just going to HQ on Sunday

If you do come to the picnic, be sure to tell your mom to bring your kitty carrier so you will be safe ok? hug

I've only heard of one other cat that is coming and they will have a stroller/carrier with them

Thank you for- being my- friends..
Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 7:54am PST 
ok, a pair of sun glasses for Mickey..
a pair of ear plugs for Joey
no treats for my girls.
Anything else we have to think of?laugh out loudlaugh out loud
243 hours, 6 minutes and 4 seconds til 10am on the 24th!!
Lucy, Pretty- Lil' Angel

Swallowed a- Whistle

Barked: Thu Apr 15, '10 10:14am PST 

Alex CGC,- TD

I`m cute and I- know it
Barked: Fri Apr 16, '10 10:12am PST 
I talked mommy into bringing a bag of treats from Nikki and I to share with all our fur friends.Is there anything that any furs can not have . I told mommy that peanut butter treats are the safest thing. laugh out loud

I'm a good boy!
Barked: Tue Apr 20, '10 10:01am PST 
I love peanut butter! big grin

Thank you for- being my- friends..
Barked: Tue Apr 20, '10 10:13am PST 
big grin
Nikki My- Sweet Angel

My eyes say it- all
Barked: Tue Apr 20, '10 1:49pm PST 
ok guys mommy has teh treats all packed in her bag. .Now here is what you do you make fast friends with her the sad eyes work best so you giveher "sad eyes" and maybe throw in a small cry and you are set she`ll give in and give you treats .Oh and she is teh cabin right next to Reba and with Sara and her mommy. laugh out loud But shhshh Don`t tell mommy or even grandma that I told you how how to get snacks from them. laugh out loud

Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Tue Apr 20, '10 5:35pm PST 
My cute look ALWAYS works fur extra treats! big grin Just ask the meter-reader lady big laughbig laugh

I will also "put on a show" if's me has to! Roll over, sit pretty, shake, bow, speak, spin, whatever it takes fur more yummies laugh out loud
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