The Easter Lily - not a cat's best friend!

Julia Child- Sugarbaker

Bon appetit!
Barked: Mon Mar 29, '10 9:02am PST 
Did you know the Easter Lily is toxic to us kitties? Even if we don't eat it, the pollen can get into our lungs or onto our fur and we lick it off (after all, we are good groomers) and it gets into our digestive track. Within just a few hours we start getting sick. Severe kidney damage and renal failure can occur within as little as 36 hours. Other lilies are just as toxic to us.

This Easter please tell your furparents to protect their feline furry friends and to please keep the Easter Lily out of our furry paw' reach. Better yet, please don't get one at all and opt for other lovely plants instead that won't harm us kitties.