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Barked: Sun Mar 28, '10 8:01am PST 
Come share your personal stories here of what God / Jesus has done in your life. Share your healings, your answered prayers, your miricles.
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Barked: Mon May 17, '10 7:16pm PST 
Well I do so ever have a story.. I thought I would share with all of you.. PAPA God answered the prayer for mama when she had Freedom Star although since she's been adopted her name was changed to Emma Freedom Star and she is called Emma but will always be Freedom to mama.

Freedom Was sick very sick and not doing well and mommy started praying she knew she had a bowel obstruction she showed all signs of one but the only vet mama could get her to kept saying no and she needed an ultrasound made the bill very high for mama making her bring Freedom in everyday for temperature check but mama kept praying for a ride to her own vet and finally mama was able to get Freedom into her own vet once a Friend had the time to take her cause her vet is an hrs drive away and mama doesn't drive.. So off they went.. Freedom had lost so much weight and was weak..

But the night before the apt Freedom took a poop and she screamed in pain mama cried with her oh how she wished she could help her.. And then the next day before the vet apt she took another poop.. Mama brought the poop samples in.. The vet said yep looked like she had chewed carpet.. Freedom had been at the sitters before she was sick and must' ve chewed up some of the carpeting.. But Freedom started to get better right after that although it was a month before she could walk half an hr again and was fully on her dog food again because mama had to wean her back onto her dog food she ate chicken and rice with chicken broth to help give her bowels a chance to heal because they were so inflamed. But papa god came through and helped one of HIS furChildren.,.

HE also answered mama's prayer for Freedom to find the perfect home and not be stressed out or miss mama so much when she went to it and guess what she did.. She is doing wonders in her new home and has an awesome one too....
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Barked: Tue May 18, '10 5:49pm PST 
wave Nice to meet you, Whitie! That's quite a story of answered prayer fur Freedom! I'm glad she found her furever home after your mommy took such good care of her! dancing

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aww Thanks Hershey. I'm glad she found her forever home too.. Mama so loved her. Afterall she was mama's baby first but mama knew she needed more and she loved her so much she knew she had to let her go