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Barked: Sat Mar 27, '10 8:50pm PST 
Thank you for inviting Petey to your "Cushings" group.
My vet recently told me after having Petey's blood tested (just a regular blood test) and an exray and also having his belly drained because it was so swollen up, that he didn't have cushings, the vet told me Petey was overweight, his liver seemed a bit swollen but most of the exray was blocked by ??something, (then she later said fat!). She said to put him on a diet of 1/4 cup rice- 1/4 cup chicken, so I did, boy was it hard on him, he is always starving and hover's the whole house and yard at least 4 times a day! It still didn't work, his poor belly would swell up so bad he would be in so much pain, so I actually talked to our pharmacist and she suggested giving Petey drops of Colic medicine for baby's,I tried it and it works well! He gets about 1ml 20 minutes before his meal.
I am able to add a 1/4 cup of "Nutro's" sensitive stomach (chicken and rice) to his already home made dinner, he seems fine with that, his stomach swells a tiny bit and he needs a bit of help getting up on the couch after he eats, but at least he's 95% quit vomiting, his water consumption has gone down and he seems so much happier.
So if Petey has Cushings, I'm not sure, and it will be a while before I can afford to pay for any more test's, he's lost weight, looks great and I'm just happy he's doing well right now!
Thanks for listening!
Petey's momsnoopy