Goodbye to a GREAT Friend... Baylee Rest in peace

Baylee (Aug- 8, 1998 - Mar 22,

I love my- Grandma
Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 6:13pm PST 
Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I have been out here and today, unfortunately I had a reason to visit. Our almighty God has called our Baylee boy back to his kingdom in heaven. Baylee had not been feeling well over this last weekend to where it seemed he couldn't get comfortable. He would eat somewhat normally, but then go outside to throw up. He would clean up his mess outside and come back in and lay down to rest. Today, Mar 22, 2010, our Baylee past away. He was a tremendous friend to us and was always happy to see us. He was very vocal all the way up till today. I have faith in my God that we will see our booger man again. May god rest his earthly body and rejoice in his arrival at the pearly gates...