Schipperke Breeding


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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 4:12am PST 
We are considering breeding our male and was wondering what the requirements are. We are considering buying a female, but dont know the info on breeding, papers ect. Can someone give me some info on where to begin?shrug

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Barked: Thu Apr 1, '10 1:18pm PST 
Generally it's best to leave the breeding up to the breeders. If you would like to begin showing and breeding dogs I would suggest talking to a breeder to get you started and to mentor you.

Even though Schipperkes are a relatively healthy breed, they can get a few serious genetic disorders such as epilepsy and MPS IIIB, and if two carriers (who appear healthy themselves) are bred together, you could end up with very sick puppies. Genetic testing on both of the parents is a must. Breeding dogs properly is expensive; there is no real profit from it.

There is also the heartbreak of losing puppies, or the sleepless nights hand-rearing a litter because a bitch rejected them, or did not produce milk. Puppies need to be fed roughly every hour, so going to work would be out of the question if the puppies needed to be hand-reared.

Dog breeding is a serious responsibility, and should not be taken lightly.