EIC found in Boykin Spaniels


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Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) found in Boykin Spaniels

(personal note: if your Boykin collapses in his hindend/rear legs after exercise and the vet cannot find anything wrong - it might be EIC. Even if the vet disagnoses "seizures" with an unknown cause, it might be EIC! Have this DNA test done on your Boykin by the University & find out for sure what is going on before you continue to drug them with anti-seizure meds!!)

Exercise Induced Collapse, or EIC, is a neuromuscular condition that causes collapse of
dogs when they become overly excited or exercise heavily. After intense hunting or
retrieving exercise, affected dogs start to lose control of their hind limbs. EIC and the
DNM1 gene mutation are quite common in Labrador Retrievers, and have been also
identified by the University of Minnesota in several other breeds, including Chesapeake
Bay Retrievers and Curly Coated Retrievers. Recently affected Boykin Spaniels have
also been identified by the University of Minnesota.

Only a limited number of Boykins have been tested, so there is no indication yet of the
prevalence of the mutation in the breed. The University of Minnesota Diagnostic Lab
recently updated their web site to identify Boykin Spaniels so that EIC information is
made available to Boykin Spaniel owners and veterinarians.

Comprehensive EIC information is available at the University’s web site:
http://www.vdl.umn.edu/ourservices/canineneuromuscular/home.h tml

Boykin owners can have their dogs tested through their veterinarian by submitting a
blood sample or cheek swab to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic
Laboratory following the EIC Submission Guidelines.

The EIC Submission form must be taken to your vet for either the “blood draw option” or
“cheek swab” option. Be sure to fill the form out completely.
http://www.vdl.umn.edu/prod/groups/cvm/@pub/@cvm/@vdl/d ocuments/asset/cvm_936

Your results will be sent directly to your veterinarian. Once you have received your
results from the University of Minnesota, you can record your results through OFA. You
will need to submit a copy of your test results report from University of Minnesota, plus
OFA's Application for DNA Based Genetic Database form:

You will send in both the form and the University of Minnesota report, along with the
OFA application fee (currently $15) to OFA.

For questions or additional EIC information contact the University of Minnesota:
email: vdl@umn.edu
ph: (612) 625-8787
toll free: (800) 605-8787

Submitted by: Terrie Tomlinson, Health Committee, Boykin Spaniel Club and Breeders
Association of America, Inc. (BSCBAA)
Permission granted by BSCBAA to cross-post.