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Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 11:21pm PST 
Hi! Pups

I know I haven't been around for a while, last year was a tough year for me. A year ago Dec. I lost my mom. A few months later I lost my younger sister to breast cancer and in July I lost my older sister (my best friend) to breast cancer also. Cody has been a great comfort to of the many great things about having a dog in your life.

On another note; I have a friend who's small dog has a continue problem with scavies. Her vet is suggestion using a flea liquid drop on the dog? I told her that you have to be careful with flea treatments.

I thought that maybe someone here in the group might have some comments and suggestions with the treatments of scavies.

Thanks and I miss ya!
Michele & Cody

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Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 5:11am PST 
HI CodywaveWe sure were wondering where you were. We are so sorry to hear that it was such a bad year for your mommy. We've missed you.

Mom googled around and this was one of the better articles:

Based on everything she read, it seems like the key is to totally clean everything really good in the house. It kind of sounds like when kids get lice, you have to totally cleanse the house.

As best we can tell, the group here is not as active, so sorry a few days went by before we checked in.

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We also read that naturals like Teatree oil are not very affective, but that is absolutely not acceptable to ingest what the vet suggested.


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Hi! Shelby
Thanks for the info I will pass it on to my friendblue dog

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Hi Cody! So sorry to hear about all the sadness and loss in your family!!!!crycrycrycrycry

Using steam to clean anything in the house that is porous will help. Also, using diatomacious earth after frequent Rosemary shampoo's will help too. Sprinkling the D.E. in the house, putting it in the food and using it in the yard will help too. Good luck to that pup with the itchies!