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Barked: Tue Feb 16, '10 7:58am PST 
I have written a new Thread on the Kittie-Gone and Memorial Forum........

I think we can help each other.....but there needs to be more of us (Meouwmies and the beloved dead).......

I hope this brings more Meouwmies to us.....Meouwmies much....and they need help and comfort........we can help each other........

Hope it works on the Forum........

I know I could talk with Grandad Conrad on Rainbow Bridge Pets....and I NEED to talk to him.......I am sure there are many other Meouwmies who feel the same.......

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Barked: Thu Feb 18, '10 9:57am PST 
That sounds like a great idea to do here, it would really help everyone!


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Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 12:09pm PST 
Well I am not a kitty but I was the first to go in my family. I was just a little older than my younger brother Adam Chewbacca is now about 12 and a half when I had a massive stroke. I could not eat or hold my head up straight anymore or even stand without help. Mommy called me her little fighter cause I would fight for everything cause of my size. Shoot we even had cats bigger than me till Squeaker came along. She was so tiny that I felt I should let her dullde with me to keep her safe cause she was blind and only 2 weeks old. It was very hard for mommy to let me go but she knew it had to be done. This was back in 1995 soon after Squeaker came to live with us and after I was gone she looked all over the appartment for me crying it just broke mommy's heart.
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Sarah Jane

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Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 12:26pm PST 
I was the second the to go when I was almost 8 back 2003. that year was unusually hot in Central Texas and I was very sensitive to heat. It had been raining so mommy and granny covered my crate with a tarp to keep me from getting wet. They think it might have gotten too hot for me cause there was only a little air coming under the bottom of the tarp where it did not cover the crate completely. Any time it got too hot I would cry and pant like a doggy cause it was so uncomfortable for me. Mommy had to keep a fan on me when I was a kitten then kept me in a shaded area under the trees after I got older. This day though it was over 110 so even in the shade it was hot and the rain made it muggy and steamy. Mommy was in so much pain that day that she did not come out as soon as the rain stopped to uncover me and still can not forgive herself for thinking about her stupid back over me. She thinks if she had uncovered me I might have been around longer but as hot as it was that yer I do not know so tell mommy to stop blaming herself. She could not help being in pain and being sick and I was starting to have problems already anyway so it was a matter of time before something happened. She gave me close to 8 years of happiness that I would not have had if she had not found me and bottle fed me so i owed the life I did have to her.. My little brother Adam chewbacca was my seeing eye doggy and would get between me and anything that could hurt me and guide me to a safe place.
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Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 12:35pm PST 
I was the next to go just a few months later after Squeaker like less than a year. I had lost my hearing so Adam chewbacca was acting as my hearing doggy and would nudge me with his nose when mommy had to leave to go someplace so she could wave by to me. I was around 35 pounds most of my life and I started loosing weight no matter how much I ate. I got to the point that mommy could pick me up without it hurting her so she knew it was time to do something. she took me to the ver and he listened to my heart and said there was nothing else he could do so mommy looked at me and I winked at her like I am ready. She told the vet guy ok it is time and held me while he gave me the shot that let me go to sleep for the last time. The staff hugged mommy before they took me away and said go home and love on Adam Chewbacca, Hannah Sue is in a better place now.
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Hannah Sue
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Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 12:45pm PST 
I was the last in our family to go back in July of 2004. Mommy and Adam chewbacca had been in St Louis Missouri for 2 weeks visiting with firends but I held on till they got home. They got home on July 12 2004 and said goodby to me and the next morning I was gone. This upset mommy and granny a lot but it really upset Adam Chewbacca cause he was all alone now ans shortly afte this mommy's aunt had a heart attack and had to be in the hospital so she and granny went down to Houson for almost a week. Poor adam though everyone was leaving him and went through sepperation anxiety. He would not eat for almost 2 weeks till mommy found some stuffed animals that looked like me and Squeaker. She also had to start leaving music playing when she left to keep him from getting upset. He has calmed down greatly now but still gets upset sometimes. hannah Sue and I were both 18 so we lived long happy lives even if Adam chewbacca did pester me the last few year of my life.
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Boy Blue
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Barked: Mon Feb 22, '10 4:25am PST 
I Past Oct. 19th, 2009. And It was very hard on Mommy. For we were together for 16 years. I was her baby boy. Many times that she thinks of
me, she still cries. I lived a good long life and was very healthy, up until the last two weeks of my life. For that Mama is very grateful for. I reminded Mama this evening of our great adventures we use to take. MOL! Every weekend for about a year or so, we would go camping. I had the best time! Especially trying to tree those squirll's. MOL! Once I did, they were stuck. MOL. And I waited for them at the bottom of the pine tree. You see, at our camping spot, Mama had me on a leash and runner, so I could go anywhere on are camp site.

Then at night before bed, my job was to get rid of all the bugs, to earn my keep, which I did.! I sure had a lot of fun those days. I have many stories I can tell you! MOL!


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