Our foster brother needs a home


Barked: Sat Feb 13, '10 7:00pm PST 
our mom is working on getting a picture up. she cannot find the wire that connects the camera to the computer. we have been sharing our home with a foster the police begged us to take. he and max dont get along. he came to us in september and had food aggression and bad manners. mom can safely say now that he has worked through all his issues and is ready for his forever home. the vet says he is probably a year old. he was found wandering the streets dragging his leash. he seems to be a german shephard/ rhodesian ridgeback. he has the coat and tail of a shephard and the head of a ridgeback. he needs a ton of exercise. we are trying to find a runner to take him. i am not sure how he would be with kids. he plays rough. if you know anyone, please let us know. we live in pa, but would be willing to meet someone half way - within reason. dakbeav@yahoo.com. sorry its been so long since we have chatted. hope everyone is doing well. mom has had neck surgery and went back to work, so it has been hectic!!!!
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Hey, Houser!! wave

Things has been hectic here, too. We been fosterin' so many doggies an' findin' them great homes that we only has time fur only a few trips to P-A-R-K each week. I hope you found a nice home fur your foster doggie. You an' your momma's so nice to help that fella. hug