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I just found out my weim, has diabetes, anyone out there going through this? I am new to it and let me tell you its terrifing, any help would be appricated

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Hi ... I will pass your message along to our resident vet, Dr. Q. She will give you ALL the info you need to know! Be looking for the post ... probably tomorrow!

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Here is some info from our favorite vet Dr. Q!

Diabetes is unfortunately common in cats and dogs. More so in pets who are overweight to begin with. Most pets respond well to insulin therapy, but continue to be on insulin the rest of their lives. It can be costly in that they need to also be on special diabetic dog food and get insulin, but also follow up monitoring is costly. The goal usually is to keep the blood sugar under 300 for most of the day (this will prevent diabetic cataracts from forming if they haven't already). Once a pet is well regulated on a good insulin dose (which is found out by starting a dose, then doing a glucose curve in 7-10 days), then we can use less expensive tests like Fructosamine every 3-4 months to monitor. Lots of vets have lots of ways to monitor, so if you have more questions, just let me know. JSQ
Jessica Quillivan DVM
Shady Brook Animal Hospital


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about 1 month ago I found out Mia has Diabetes, we have been trying to get her under control but her blood sugar spikes we are now going to try a dog food from our vet. We have 2 vets and one of them feel the food may help Mia. Mia is 12 years old not overweight and over the New years weekend we noticed she was drinking large amouts of water and took her to the vet. They found her blood suger over 400. cry
I have not found any information about Weimaraners with diabetes most of what I read does not list them as common for diatbetes. Today the one vet said she thinks we should bo a ultra sound to check her liver, I am not sure what to do the cost is a issue for me but I care deeply for my dog she is part of my family. We also were told to change her food to one the vet sells for diabetec dogs at $32.00 for a 15 lb bag any one out there have any information that might help.