2 years wow


Daddys- Princess
Barked: Sun Feb 7, '10 11:28am PST 
just had to pop back in, a trip down memory lane.
been 2 years sence I left, and almost 2 years sence kili and I got married.
my house and garden center have been removed from here. that breaks my heart.
so much went so wrong so fast.
I loved living here. my new home is wonderfull, and my new friends are the best, but me and kili are drifting apart.
wont be long and I will be single again.

I still miss this place

Daddys- Princess
Barked: Sat Mar 19, '11 12:49pm PST 
ok, back after 3 years, surprized this place is still here.
so many memories, most good, but some really bad
its a shame this place has died and its dream with it

Daddys- Princess
Barked: Wed Mar 19, '14 3:54pm PST 
I keep finding my way back here, funny, its always about this time of year.so much has happened, so many lost. my life and love were here..the future is cloudy. we may lose it all in a link of an eye. but pawspot will forever live in my heart